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Update |-| January 12th 2017 |-| By robinhood791

New gamemode released! MineNation!

We zijn blij om te vertellen dat er een nieuwe server bij komt op ons Network!
Dit zal de gamemode MineNation worden.
Dit is op dit moment erg hyped bij veel minecraft spelers.
De server zal op Donderdag of Vrijdag ochtend worden gereleased.
De server loopt op de versie 1.9, maar is ook joinable met 1.10 en 1.11 clients.
Er zullen dingen zijn waardoor spelers extra claims kunnen kopen, maar ook boosters of een 2 de beroep.
We hopen dat er veel mensen komen!

Update |-| January 8th 2017 |-| By MisterJacket

New gamemode released! Kit-PvP!

Many players were hoping for a new gamemode. So we decided to create the KitPvP gamemode!
The map has two "sides". Desert and medival. Most players will be playing in the medival part.
You start on the spawn island then you choose your favourite kit and jump down!
You are able to buy / sell kits. By killing other players you gain XP and Coins which you can spend in the shop!

Goodluck fighting!

Special thanks from MisterJacket and robinhood791 to:

They helped us building the giantic map and everyone loves it!
We wish you all a good day!